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Plancha de Hierro - Flat Iron Hot Pan Medium


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Plancha de Hierro – Flat Iron Hot Pan

Do you want to get a product that will be with you the rest of your life???

Now it’s possible! With our new Flat Iron Hot Pan. Suitable for use on the stove, electric cooktops, as well as in the oven and on

the barbecue. This is the ideal instrument to cook food in a homogeneous way and at high temperatures.


Treatment directions before the first use:

  1. Heat the Flat Iron Pan directly on the stove for a few minutes over high heat
  2. Cover the surface with a thin film of oil and let it drain away
  3. Remove from heat and with absorbent paper remove surplus
  4. Place coarse salt in the pan, spread the salt all over the sheet, rub and clean
  5. Add oil again and cook chopped onions, then throw this cooking
  6. Now it’s ready to use!



  1. After use, first let the plate cool, wash and dry.
  2. Heat the iron to remove all the moisture, once cool, spread a few drops of oil to lubricate it and pass an absorbent paper to                                                      remove the excess oil. So we will be ready for your next use.



* Two burners 

* Retain and distribute heat

* Easy to clean

* Non-stick surface

* Improves with use

* Easy grip handles

* Compatible with any utensil

* Large cooking area 



Cooking Dimensions: 50 cm x 25,5 cm x 3 cm 

Thickness: 3 mm

Weight: 3.450 Kg