Stained Natural Calabash Gourd with Metal Rim and Metal base


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Stained Natural Calabash with Metal Rim and Metal base

The word Mate [Ma-tey] comes from the quechua word mati = vessel in which it is brewed. It has also been used in other languages to describe the fruit of the South American plant Lagenaria Vulgaris, belonging to the gourd family.


How to cure a new calabash gourd

Before having Mate for the first time your new gourd has to be cured. Fill 2/3 of the gourd with Yerba Mate, pour hot water to the brim and leave for at least 24 hours. Discard the leaves and, with the help of a spoon scrape off the crest of the gourd’s inner skin, which will have softened. Empty the gourd, rinse it and let it dry completely. After every use the gourd should be emptied, rinsed and allow to dry.