Dulce de Leche and Jams

Esnaola ® - Creamed Sweet Potato with Chocolate / Dulce de Batata con chocolate (x 700g) Can


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It is traditional partner to cheeses in Argentina. Presented in a delicious amber-coloured jelly that can be sliced into portions with added cocoa to enhance the enjoyment, it has a soft vanilla flavour that balances the natural flavours of the sweet potato. A delicious way to complete the perfect cheese platter.

Gluten Free

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes (45%), Corn syrup, sugar, cocoa, gelling agent: E 406, thickener: E 417, E 410, preservatives: E 202, acidity regulator: E 330, color: E-150c

Flavour: Ethyl vanillin and artificial essence of cocoa

Nutritional Information: 100g

Energy: 1021 Kj / 243 Kcal

Carbohydrates: 60g

of which sugars: 36g

It contains negligible amount of fat,saturated fatty acids,protein and salt.



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