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Taragüí ® - Mate Kit


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Why wait to enjoy a good mate?

This beautiful Mate Kit by Taragüí includes the basic accessories you need to start enyoing Maté straight away. The new mate gourd is designed like those used by tasters in order to bring out the full flovour of yerba mate. 

Glass interior: Glass won't absorb flavours and odours, so the ture taste of the yerba mate always comes through.

Traditional shape: This glass mate has the same shape as the traditional gourd, with a narrow base and wide opening, the best shape for optimal yerba mate flavour and duration. 

Real leather exterior: The real leather sheath ascts as a thermal barrier, keeping temperature constant. It also protects the glass and provides a firm grip.


This gourd does not have to be cured before use


The Kit contains:

1 Mate Gourd - Glass covered with red leather.

1 Metal filtering straw rounded with drop shaped end 190mm long

1 Yerba Mate Taragüí with stems x 500g