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Disco de Arado - Dual use plow disc (41-46cm) MEDIUM


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Disco de Arado - Dual use plow disc (41-46cm) MEDIUM 


Plow discs are popular for cooking in South America. Unlike with a grill both fire and embers can be used to cook and it is useful when catering for a large number of people!


The Dual use plough disc consists of two main parts:

Main disc: has walls that increase it's capacity. Can be used to make stews, paella, to cook vegetables and meat.

Secondary disc: can be used as a separate disc to cook on or as a lid due to its detachable legs. It can also be used to provide an oven cooking effect by using as a lid with embers on top.


CURING: Before using your disc for the first time it should be cured. This should be done in the open air because it is a process that produces a lot of smoke.

Heat up the disc and once hot add oil and spread quickly over the entire surface with a cloth. The disc will begin to smoke and due to the high temperature the oil will burst into flame. They will extinguish once all the oil is burnt. Remove from the fire and once the disc has cooled down clean any residue left with a cloth.

An alternative is to use fat instead of oli. Remove the disc form the fire and rub the fat over the hot surface until it is all blackened. If necessary return to the fire and repeat the process.

Follow the same procedure with the lid.

Now your plow discs are ready for use!

MAINTENANCE: After using wash and dry. It is highly recommendable to lightly oil the surface. Do not leave outside in the elements or the disc will rust. 


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