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Ché Honey® Organic Honey - Prosopis Alba x 227g


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Argentine honey is widely known for its quality. However, most of the honey (both organic and conventional) available in the UK is blended to produce a homogenised honey. The result is a boring and simple product. 


Ché Honey ® brings the best quality Argentine Organic Honey, monofloral or of endemic flowers only, sourced in single estates, never blended nor heated.

We bring the terroir concept to honey: every harvest and every local area produce a distinctive type of honey.

Ché Honey® Organic Honey - Prosopis Alba x 227g

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Ché Honey is certified in the UK by Soil Association.

Organically produced honey are those that come from apiaries siting on areas of land that are certified organic.

Within a radius of four miles from the apiary site, nectar and pollen sources consist essentially of organic crops or uncultivated/spontaneous vegetation and enough distance is maintained from urban centers, motorways, industrial areas, etc.

Because of the isolated location of our beehives, Ché Honey complies with all these strict requirements, ensuring that the purest and original taste and texture of the honey are preserved.

No chemical intervention of any kind is permitted, the honey is never heated. Also, animal care is regarded as some of the honey is left in the beehives during the winter as food for bees, the way nature intended. 

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