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THERMAL BOX NOT INCLUDED for Tapas para Empanadas.

Tapas para empanadas are stored in deep freeze and leave our warehouse frozen (-18º to -20ºC). 

We highly recommend the purchase of Thermal Box for Chilled/Frozen Produce, which maintains the product in a temperature-controlled atmosphere. The system has been designed specifically for the distribution of temperature sensitive goods by post. Through the use of cooling elements, we can ensure that all Chilled/Frozen products maintain a temperature between 2º to 8º C over the period of 24 hours with an average outside temperature of 20º C. The cost of the Thermal box is £ 4.99. You can select this additional option by ticking the specific box on the Optional Order Fees at the checkout.

PLEASE BE AWARE that we cannot take any responsibility for the degradation of the Chilled/Frozen Product if you choose not to purchase the recommended Thermal Box. What will happen if there is nobody available to accept delivery? You must be available to receive your order on the first attempt. Although we will instruct the courier to leave the package with a NEIGHBOUR or in a SAFE PLACE whenever possible. We cannot guarantee that this will happen and cannot take responsibility for spoiled goods where you have not been in to accept the delivery. - 

Empanadas are stuffed pastries which are traditionally oven baked or fried. They can be prepared with a variety of many delicious fillings, from meat, cheese or vegetables to any inspirational filling combining ingredients you love, the sky is the limit!

Empanadas can be served as an appetizer, snack or as a meal in their own right. They can also be served accompanied with a dipping sauce such as chimichurri.  Perfect for lunchboxes!

Although Empanadas are usually made with savoury fillings, sweet ones are also great for desserts or to accompany afternoon tea or coffee. There is an empanada for every occasion.

Our Empanadas are dispatched frozen.



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