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Black Label Argentine boneless Ribeye - Bife Ancho - Vacuum Packed


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 Argentine boneless Ribeye Roll - Bife ancho - Frozen, locking in its freshnes

Ojo de Bife / Bife Ancho, also known as cube roll or Scotch Fillet. Located on either side of the backbone towards the front of the animal. This is one of the most popular steaks. Ribeyes are juicy, tender and full of flavour. Highly marbled with a large swath of fat which gives this cut its distinctive flavour when melted over the grill. Ideal for slow oven roasting and grilling. Cooking Method: BBQ / Grill / Pan-fry (Best cooked Medium) Whole piece vacuum packed.

Storage:  Keep under refrigeration (2º to 5º C). In Freezer (between -18º to -20ºC) it keeps up to 4 months, after the expiration date. Thaw in the fridge 24 hours before use. 

Storage: Keep refrigerated (2ºC to 6ºC) or freeze (-18ºC to -20ºC). It keeps in the freezer for up to 6 months after the expiration date. Defrost in the fridge and in a sealed container for 24 hours before consuming. 


Our Chorizos are kept in cold storage and dispatched from our warehouse chilled (0ºC to 5ºC). We only deliver chilled products when a next-day service is available. This may affect the delivery time of your order.

We highly recommend purchasing a Thermal Box for chilled/frozen products in order to maintain a controlled-temperature atmosphere. This box has been designed specifically for the distribution of temperature-sensitive foods by post. This way, we can ensure that all chilled and frozen products are kept at between 2ºC and 8ºC for 24 hours with an average outside temperature of 20ºC.

The Thermal box is £4.99, and you can add it to your purchase by selecting it in the Optional Order Fees section at checkout. 

PLEASE BE AWARE that we do not take any responsibility for the degradation of your chilled or frozen foods if you choose not to purchase the recommended Thermal Box.

What will happen if there is nobody available to accept your delivery?

You must be available to receive your order on the first attempt.

Although we will instruct the courier to leave the package with a neighbour or in a safe place whenever possible, we cannot guarantee that this will happen and cannot take responsibility for spoiled goods if you have not been in to accept the delivery.

Please do not reject your box for any reason. Undelivered frozen foods have to be thrown away. If you detect any damage or leakage, please still accept the box, inspect its contents, and contact us if necessary. A small amount of liquid formation is normal as the ice begins to thaw.

If there is genuine damage, please accept the delivery and contact us so we can assist you.    

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