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Iberico Pork Boneless Abanico - Matambrito de Cerdo Iberico £24.90Kg / Vacuum packed Frozen


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Iberico Pork Boneless Abanico - Matambrito de Cerdo Iberico £24.90Kg / Vacuum packed Frozen (pack contains 1 piece)

Abanico Iberico - Iberico Pork 

Abanico Iberico is the part that wraps the Iberico ribs from the outside. It is a thin piece, very marbled, which makes it the perfect Iberian pork cut to cook on the barbecue producing tasty, juicy and crispy slices of delicious pork. The name of this cut comes from its fan shape, resembling a Spanish hand fan that women use.

Abanico Iberico is a cut that comes from the Black Iberico pigs, who wander the dehesa meadows of Southwest Spain feeding on herbs, grass and most importantly, acorns. Not only are they the happiest pigs on earth, but this special diet adds wonderful flavour to the pork and all that exercise fosters the marbling that makes Iberico pork so special.

Iberico is the world's most distinguished brand of pork. Heralding from the Iberian Peninsula, this vast landscape is rich with acorns which form a large part of the animals' diet. This results in unparalleled marbling. Marbling which renders out when cooked and creates an array of sensational flavours. We work with expert farming partners who share our passion for the highest excellence in quality and welfare.

Cooking tips

Abanico iberico can be consumed whole, in fillets or even diced up. The most popular way to cook this iberico piece is to cook it on the grill or barbecue, with a little olive oil and some salt flakes, although it can be enriched with a sweet or savoury sauce.

A very important advice when it comes to cooking Abanico Iberico is not to take any of the fat away, because iberico pork fat is what gives flavour to the meat.

Storage:  Keep under refrigeration (2º to 5º C). In Freezer (between -18º to -20ºC) it keeps up to 4 months, after the expiration date. Thaw in the fridge 24 hours before use. 



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