About Casa Argentine

Casa Argentina Limited - All Rights Reserved (2024)

www.casaargentina.com - info@casaargentina.com

Casa Argentina Limited - All Rights Reserved (2024)

www.casaargentina.com - info@casaargentina.com

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The Oldest Most Trusted 

Argentinian Food Supplier in UK

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Delight in familiar comfort at Casa Argentina.

Call us intense, but we have a knack for bringing people together around the table like no other.

Because CASA means home.

About Casa Argentine

Authentic dishes, meaningful relationships


Proud of our origins


Our inspiration comes from the exceptional ingredients and the breathtaking landscapes of our home country. From the infinite pastures of the Argentine Pampa, to the vast lakes and jagged mountains of Patagonia and the scenic vineyards of Mendoza.


Meaningful relationships


The people we spend the most time with become our family. Beyond the black-label beef and smooth Malbec, these bonds are the common thread behind everything we do.


Memorable gatherings


Getting together is at the heart of Argentine culture. As long as there is good food and wine, we want you to enjoy memorable gatherings with the people we love.


The spirit of home


Home is where you meet with your friends and loved ones to unwind. Whether you come to us for charcoal-grilled steaks in our all-day dining, order milanesa and chips to take away, have alfajores delivered to your home for tea time, or pass around a traditional mate, we are always celebrating the spirit of home.

At Casa Argentina | We Serve You

Tasty Meals

Authentic Cuisine

Premium Ingredients

We admit it - We serve our guest what we love eating ourselves! Tasty, hearty meals created to make you feel welcome and at home.

We only serve and sell to our customers top quality products, usually imported directly from Argentina or Latin America.

We serve our guests authentic Argentine dishes, the same ones we would eat across the Atlantic, with the occasional local twist.

Shop In-store



We offer a selection of the most popular Argentine products at our Deli In-store in our restaurant in WImbledon Park so you can indulge for a little bit longer at home.

You are welcome to celebrate your birthday or anniversary with us! We also organise Workshops, Master Classes, Wine Tastings and hold special events for you to enjoy.

If you are in a hurry, let us prepare your order to take away.

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About Casa Argentine

We are much more than just a Restaurant, we're fired up to serve our clients.

Nothing we do is random, still, we leave room for inspiration - visit us at our Wimbledon Park Flagship Store.

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