Dining at Casa Argentina

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Argentina in UK Ltd - All Rights Reserved (2024)

Argentina in UK Ltd - All Rights Reserved (2024)

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Dining at Casa Argentina


This quintessential Argentine cuisine staple is perfect for every and any occassion | mid-week lunches | picnics | birthday parties | casual dinners and in their sweet version, dessert.


Burgers at Casa Argentina

Made with 100% grass-fed Argentine beef or, simply, in their vegan version, our burgers are juicy, suculent, full of flavour, and a feast to the eyes.


Sandwich de Milanesa at Casa ArgentinaVegan Sandwich at Casa ArgentinaChoripan at Casa ArgentinaVegan Sandwich at Casa ArgentinaMilanesa Sandwich at Casa ArgentinaChoripan Sandwich at Casa Argentina

Great selection of home-made fresh sandwiches available if you are in a rush. Milanga, Lomito, Choripan, Matambre, Pebete Completo, Medialunas con Jamon y Queso and of course, our Vegan Sandwich.

Dining at Casa Argentina

Argentine Grill

Famous worlwide, Argentine asado is a national icon, a staple dish, a social gathering, and a spiritual practise all in one. The perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy quality time with one's loved ones.


Dining at Casa Argentina

A thin slice of tender beef or chicken egged and breaded in our kitchen, cooked so that it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and presented in three ways: classic, napolitana or complete.

Salads and sides

Dining at Casa Argentina

There will be always greens and reds and yellos and whites veggies in our kitchen, as well as crispy chips and more...

Argentine Wines

Dining at Casa Argentina

We stock a vast selection of premium Argentine wines, from Patagonia, Mendoza to one of the highest vineyards in the world, Salta. You can enjoy our wines while you having lunch, dinner or just grab your favourite from our Deli shop and enjoy it at home.

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